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From start to finish, we help homeowners and businesses install solar energy to reduce energy costs and improve our environment on local and global levels.

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Energy Solutions with Global Impact

Solar Partners is your resource for solar solutions. We make the installation of solar energy for your home or business seamless. From the initial evaluation and financial education to installation and maintenance, we’re here to provide honest information, transparent pricing, and top-level customer service.

Residential Solar installation

Solar Partners educates customers about the benefits of solar energy and the best options to help them achieve their energy goals.


We provide onsite evaluations to determine the electrical needs of your building and the panels best suited for it. Reach out for ways to take advantage of tax credits and reduce energy expenses.


Based on the size of the building and the energy requirements for it, industrial installations are often easy and provide a substantial savings for the property owner.


Solar energy systems for farms and agriculture can provide dramatic financial returns by reducing electrical costs and generating renewable energy.

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 The benefits of residential solar electricity include:

1. Solar energy allows homeowners to reduce energy bills and options to generate surplus electricity for sale or reserves.

2. Homeowners that use solar energy with energy storage backup avoid power interruptions and keep the power on during severe weather.

3. The installation of a solar energy system improves the home’s property value.

4. Federal tax credits and local incentive programs make solar affordable for many homeowners.

5. Investing in solar energy for your home is a worthwhile investment with financial and environmental savings for your family and future generations.


Reasons for businesses and farms to make the switch to solar include:

1. Solar energy creates substantial savings on electric bills, which reduces costs and improves your company’s bottom line.

2. Tax incentives such as the solar tax credit and the production tax credit can reduce tax liabilities for businesses.

3. Energy independence for businesses includes the ability to generate their own energy and reduce loss of power.

4. Farms benefit greatly from the reliability and clean energy of the sun and preserve farm ownership for future generations.

5. Solar energy eliminates the hazards of fossil fuel energy and reduces greenhouse gases.

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At Solar Partners, Inc., our mission is to empower homeowners and businesses with a deep sense of ownership in their energy solutions.

With a genuine dedication to honesty and transparency, we bring forth our extensive expertise to provide accurate evaluations, reliable information, and installations of the utmost quality.

Furthermore, we embrace a steadfast commitment to making a meaningful impact on our environment to impact future generations.


Meet the Founder of

Solar Partners, Inc.

I’m Mark Audet, an Energy Solutions Consultant with over 20 years of residential and commercial sales experience in the services industry. After years of working with homeowners and businesses, I wanted to leverage that experience to improve the impact on our environment.

I began to explore solar energy and its benefits. The more I learned about the value of solar energy and its significant financial advantages, it became clear that it was time to move into this industry.

Today, my mission is to spread awareness about solar energy and become a trusted guide for those who wish to embrace the green movement. As federal and state governments continue to offer financial incentives, it’s a privilege to help others learn more about solar and current programs to help them with the transition to make the future brighter.



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