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Solar Partners offers a turn-key approach to commercial installation services

for businesses throughout Virginia.

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How Solar Impacts Businesses

Businesses that invest in solar energy receive a healthy return on investment, which impact overall profits.

As energy costs continue to rise, your business can decrease the impact of increasing electrical rates and expensive maintenance costs. Plus, your business is also positively impacting the environment.




Commercial Solar Solutions

With solar options such as solar garages, EV chargers, and solar energy system installations, businesses can significantly reduce costs and maintenance expenses.


Industrial Solar Solutions

Industrial facilities use large amounts of electricity. Solar energy systems provide improved efficiency while reducing utility costs for your facility. 


Agricultural Solar Solutions

Farmers improve productivity and efficiency with solar energy and reduce energy and maintenance costs.


Solar Carports

Solar carports can be installed at a home or business. While providing protection like traditional carports, these structures capture solar energy to power your business.


“My project was a bit more complicated…Mark asked the right questions that I felt should be asked during the interview process.  The solar panels were installed 2 weeks after the roof was completed.  It was a very nice job, all black panels, trimmed out nicely, conduit runs very clean, etc.  The inspection happened the next week and Mark came by to turn the system on with me. The service, ongoing communication, and quality of work was excellent.  The system has been operating great and my power bill is minimal.”




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