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Harness the power of the sun with a solar energy system to save money

and improve your environmental footprint.



Ready to harness your own energy and turn your dreams of energy independence into a reality?

Complete this form to get started. We’ll collect some preliminary information and evaluate your property.

Your evaluation will include:

  • an explanation of how solar panels work
  • shade analysis
  • design specifications
  • overview of installation process
  • warranty explanation
  • financing and incentive options





What information do you need for an evaluation of my home or business?

To get started, we need the physical address of your property and copies of your electrical bill. Then we will conduct an evaluation (you choice of virtual or onsite), explain the process and options, and answer your questions.

How much does solar energy cost to install?

Every home and business has unique needs and energy requirements. Once we inspect the site and evaluate your energy bills, we’ll provide a complete, thorough quote that explains the size of the system you need, what the installation process for your home or building requires, and any credits, subsidies, or rebates that are currently offered. 

How much money can I save with solar panels?

Savings vary depending upon the size of your home or business, and the energy required. Based on national averages, homeowners average savings of up to $1,500 per year while businesses average about $1,900 yearly. Tax credits, rebates, and subsidies also impact savings. The long-term savings exceed initial installation costs, with most earning back the cost of investment within 3 and 10 years.

What's the difference between residential and commercial panels?

The panels themselves are similar in how they work and absorb sunlight. Panels for commercial buildings are typically larger and have higher wattages than residential panels. The number of panels is usually higher for commercial panels as well.

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